A 4-point inspection focuses on a home’s HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, and the roof. These four areas of the home tend to be the most expensive areas to repair or replace should something go wrong. The 4-point inspection reports on the age and overall condition of these four areas. The inspection report can then be presented to an insurance company to consider for a homeowners insurance policy.

When is a 4-Point Inspection Required

When purchasing an older home, the insurance company will often request specific information about these four components of the home before providing coverage. Details from an inspection report, like a failing roof or no HVAC system, may prevent an insurance company from offering coverage until the issue is resolved. The older the home is, the more likely you are going to need this type of inspection before you can get homeowners insurance.

Why You Need a 4-Point Inspection

While 4-point inspections are necessary for homeowners insurance, they also offer important information about the property to the buyer or owner. Some insurance companies will not issue a policy until a home has had this inspection. It is in the best interest of the insurance companies to avoid insuring a home with significant risks. Because of this, they request information about the four major systems of a home in the form of a 4-point inspection report.

Hire a Professional

To schedule a 4-point inspection, find a professional home inspector who offers this type of service. There are certain forms that will be completed during the inspection and you’ll be given a report summarizing the inspector’s findings. Some insurance companies request that their forms are used, but often they will accept standard forms from the inspection professional.

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