The Importance of Getting a Home Inspection on New Construction

When you’re building a new home, you want every facet of construction to meet your expectations. Mistakes can happen when you have many subcontractors working on the home at the same time. In order to identify and correct these problems, it’s a good idea to request a home inspection on new construction before your final walkthrough with the builder.

Prevent Having to Pay For Fixing Problems

Once your home has been built and is ready for you to move in, you will likely be provided with a one-year warranty from the primary contractor. While this builder’s warranty covers any issues that might occur throughout the initial year, any problem that develops after this period will need to be covered entirely by you.

In the event that the problem originated during the construction of your home, you will still be required to pay the costs of repairing the issue after the warranty has expired. When you get a home inspection on new construction, you can identify a problem before construction has been completed and ask the builder to fix it before you move in.

A Building Code Inspection Isn’t as Comprehensive as a Home Inspection on New Construction

While building codes are designed to make sure that homes and other buildings are safe to occupy, these guidelines only serve as minimum building requirements. While every newly constructed home is required by law to be inspected by a building official for code compliance, these inspections are basic and won’t look at the craftsmanship and other components. A professional home inspection is more comprehensive than a building code inspection. The home inspector will examine every visible and accessible area and compile his or her findings in a detailed written report.

Third-Party Home Inspectors Will Take Their Time

Building code inspections are handled by a government official who needs to perform numerous inspections every day. Code inspectors have a much shorter and more basic checklist than the standards for a home inspector. When you request the services of a home inspector from a professional home inspection company, you can be confident that they will take their time to inspect all aspects of the home and provide thorough documentation. 

Now that you know about the importance of having a home inspection on new construction, you can start searching for the right inspector. When you’re trying to find the right home inspector, it’s important that they have experience conducting inspections on new construction. Once the inspection has been completed and any necessary repairs made, you should be ready to move into your new home.

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