Since senior citizens spend a good bit of time at home, their homes should accommodate their needs, including limitations in mobility. To reduce the risk of injury, remove safety hazards throughout the living spaces. Below are easy ways to make a home safe for seniors.

Enhance the Lighting to Make a Home Safe for Seniors

As people grow older, it is common for their eyesight to worsen. Install bright lights throughout the home, especially in hallways, stairwells, and dimly lit areas. For ease of use, set up a smart home system that allows the lights, thermostat, and appliances to be controlled with a smartphone. Proper lighting helps make the home safe for seniors.

Protect Against Fire and Electrocution

To protect your loved one from the risk of fire, install smoke alarms on every floor of the home. Test the batteries regularly. Add an easy-to-use fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Conduct a routine check of electronic devices and power strips in the home and replace any that have frayed wires or are otherwise damaged.

Eliminate Tripping Hazards to Make a Home Safe for Seniors

Falls are among the leading causes of injury for the elderly. To make a home safe for seniors, focus on details like securing rugs and relocating electrical cords that increase the risk of tripping and falling. Choose cordless devices when possible. Install non-slip flooring and make sure that all floors are smooth and level.

Make the Bathroom Senior-Friendly

The bathroom is one of the most likely places for seniors to sustain injuries at home. To make this room safe for seniors, invest in anti-slip rubber mats for the tub or shower and install grab bars in the shower and around the toilet. Add a shower seat for a safer bathing experience.

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