Why You Should Know if Mold is Growing in Your Home

Mold in the home is common and it can grow in hidden and visible areas. It is harmful to your home and health and should be addressed promptly. Identifying the signs that mold is growing in your home is an important first step to take in order to have a healthy home.

1. Water Damaged Areas

Water damaged areas don’t necessarily mean that mold is growing in your home, but they are areas that are or were conducive to mold growth. This is because mold grows in humid or damp areas and the longer the water remains, the greater the chances of mold will grow.

If you are aware of a small plumbing leak or if you have identified an area that was previously damaged by water, schedule a professional mold inspection.

2. Dark Spots and Stains

Mold can grow on drywall, window sills, baseboards, cabinetry, carpeting, carpet padding, tiles, and almost any other surface in the home. You might be able to identify mold in your home by only a few small splotches, or it might go unnoticed until it is widespread.

Depending on the type of mold that is growing, it may look black and fuzzy, or it may appear green and matted. In some cases, it is white. Any dark spots or stains around the home should be investigated.

3. Allergies or Flu-Like Symptoms

If mold is growing in your home, you or other occupants might notice symptoms. The severity of your reaction to mold and the symptoms that you experience might be different from the reaction that another person has. However, common symptoms related to mold exposure include a rash, flu-like symptoms, sneezing, coughing, and respiratory distress. If your symptoms are worse at home than at work or other places, it is possible that mold is growing in your home.

4. A Positive Mold Test

If you have identified these signs of potential mold growth or if you have other reasons to suspect a mold problem in your home, scheduling a mold test is a great idea. There are do-it-yourself mold tests, but a professional inspection will give you the most accurate information about the type of mold that is present, where it is located, and how to address the problem.

If mold is growing in your home, you need to know about it to keep your home and family safe. Mold can cause significant health issues and it can cause staining and deterioration in affected areas of your home. Once mold has been identified in your home, schedule professional remediation as soon as possible.

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