Putting your house up for sale is a big decision and getting it ready for potential buyers can be overwhelming. To make sure you’re ready for a real estate transaction, schedule a pre-listing home inspection. There are several benefits of ordering an inspection, all of which pave the way to a smoother home-selling experience.

Reasons to Order a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Eliminate Any Unexpected Surprises

There may be problems or defects in your home, whether that be a window that won’t open, a faulty exhaust fan in the guest bathroom, or a roof that leaks. It’s what you don’t know about that can hurt you when trying to sell a house. One of the advantages of an inspection is eliminating surprise issues with your home. An inspection report will detail any problems with your house and keep you from being caught off-guard later when the buyer orders an inspection.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Allows Time for Needed Repairs

The best time to schedule an inspection is before you decide on a selling price and place your house on the market. This allows time for any needed repairs. Go over the home inspector’s report with your real estate agent. Determine which repairs are important, how long they will take, and how much each project will cost. Have all repairs completed before you show the house to potential buyers.

Helps Determine a Price

There are several factors to consider when pricing your house. You can compare it to similar homes in your neighborhood, but you’ll need to take into account the condition and age of the property. If you choose not to make some repairs, this can be reflected in a lower list price. For example, if you have a cracked foundation, get estimates from a few contractors and then subtract the average cost of that repair from your selling price.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Makes a Good Impression on Buyers

One of the often-overlooked benefits of a pre-listing inspection is the good impression it makes on a buyer. When the report shows your house to be in top condition, a buyer will feel better about investing. If the report shows issues that need to be addressed, and this is reflected in the selling price of the home, the buyer will have more confidence in your honesty as a seller.

The Inspection Limits Negotiation Points

Most buyers will schedule their own home inspection. This assures them the house is in good shape or informs them of any issues they should address if they purchase the house. This gives the buyer an upper hand during negotiations. They may condition their purchase on you making certain repairs or request a lower price to allow for them. You can stay one step ahead by scheduling a pre-listing inspection. You’ll be better prepared as you move forward into the negotiation process. Healthy Home Inspections provides pre-listing home inspections to customers in Southwest Florida. If you’re selling your home, contact us to request our services.