What Sets Us Apart

Healthy Home Inspections

Certified Master Inspectors

We are not like other inspection firms, so consider these things when choosing your inspection firm. There are so many great things that set us apart from our competition. First and foremost, all our inspectors are Certified Master Inspectors. Yes that’s right, Certified Master Inspectors! We have mastered our trade and we are proud of it! This means that we have performed thousands of home inspections, abide by a strict code of ethics, are committed to continuing education, and vetted by the Certificated Master Inspector board. Bottom line is when you are making the biggest purchase of your life, make sure you hire a Certified Master Inspector!

Mold Assessor

In addition to our Home Inspector license, we also carry a mold assessor license.  This sets us apart from most other home inspection companies. A licensed mold assessor can not only collect air and mold samples for analysis by a laboratory, but we can also write mold remediation protocols.  This is important because if we discover a mold or indoor air quality problem, then we can make recommendations to correct the problem.  An inspector without a mold assessor license cannot make these recommendations and at the end of the day that inspector must refer you to a licensed mold assessor.

Experience Matters

Experience also sets us apart. We have performed nearly 10,000 home inspections and have been in business for nearly a decade. Our lead inspector carries a license number HI427. The DBPR is currently issuing home inspector license numbers over 10,000. This means that we were one of the first companies to be licensed by the DBPR.
Our inspection reports are considered as one of the best and most thorough of any other inspection company locally! Detailed notes and pictures make our reports easy to read and understand. The best part is our inspection reports are delivered same day and many times immediately after the inspection!
These are just a few great things that separate us from the rest! Please feel free to call us and ask questions. We look forward to working with you on the biggest purchase of your life!

Healthy Home Inspections in Southwest Florida

We’re proud to offer professional home inspection services to areas of Southwest Florida, including Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties.

Healthy Home Inspections Inc offers a comprehensive home inspection that will strengthen your knowledge and erase your doubt as you prepare to buy a home. Contact us today to request an inspection.


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